Empower Your Solar Farm
"Committed to providing high-quality clean energy for the sustainable development of human society, promoting global carbon neutrality and peak carbon goals, and jointly building a beautiful zero-carbon world."

Environmental Sustainability

By providing efficient clean energy solutions, Baowei has made important contributions to environmental protection and climate change response by reducing carbon emissions on a large scale. It can reduce 650,000 tons of carbon emissions worldwide each year, helping to achieve global carbon neutrality and carbon peak targets.

The company is constantly researching more energy-efficient and stable solutions, striving to reduce scrap rates, energy consumption and waste emissions, thereby making a positive contribution to environmental sustainability.

Economic sustainability

As one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers in the industry, Bao Wei Company possesses 13 years of rich experience and over 110 patents, with strong technological innovation capability and market competitiveness. The company's products have been applied in 86 countries and regions, and over 400 customers worldwide have chosen its PV mounting system solutions, bringing considerable economic benefits to the company and making significant contributions to sustainable development in the global energy field.

Socially Sustainable Development

The company provides products and value-added services in multiple countries worldwide, with over 1500 projects utilizing their products and creating real value for customers. Meanwhile, Powweii empowers win-win situations and is committed to providing customers with more efficient, reliable photovoltaic system solutions, helping them increase power output and improve income.