Solar Mounting System Solution
East-West Dual-Column Bracket System
The dual-column support system arranged in an east-to-west direction boasts a more stable structure and accommodates more components, resulting in higher power generation revenue for the power station. Compared to systems of the same capacity, less support material is required, saving on foundation quantities and construction time.
Double Column Support System
The dual-column fixed mounting system has a stable structure, strong adaptability to different scenes, convenient installation, and excellent corrosion resistance performance! The entire installation system can be used for a long time in harsh outdoor environments, demonstrating outstanding performance.
Single Column Bracket System
The single-pillar fixed installation system is designed for quick installation. The unique adjustable connection design allows the overall structure to flexibly adapt to different terrains.
Agricultural greenhouse photovoltaic system
The Baowei Agricultural Greenhouse PV Power Station is a highly pre-installed agricultural power station system that is suitable for agriculture greenhouse construction needs with both photovoltaic power generation functions. Featuring patented design of structure and compression, it greatly improves installation efficiency and reduces labor costs, with easy component assembly and disassembly and adjustable light transmission to meet the growth needs of crops. The high-density materials are resistant to seismic activity, acidity, and corrosion and the structure is highly adjustable to adapt to complex terrain, ensuring the system's lifespan and operation time. Its high pre-installed nature makes it one of the best choices for agricultural PV greenhouse power stations.
Agricultural greenhouse photovoltaic system
Upgrade agriculture from traditional greenhouses to agriculture photovoltaic cooling system, which not only ensures the healthy growth of crops, but also provides high-yield electrical energy. The module layout can be arranged with spacing or a comprehensive layout. Spacing layout can increase transparency and is suitable for planting light-loving crops, which also improves aesthetics. Comprehensive layout is suitable for planting shade-tolerant crops. The size of the cooling system can be customized according to actual needs, to maximize the benefits of agricultural cooling without damaging farmland or affecting crop growth.
Vertical photovoltaic support system
Baowei vertical photovoltaic support system provides a new scenario for the use of solar energy, especially in animal husbandry. The steel structure consists of longitudinal beams and transverse beams to fix the bifacial photovoltaic modules.

Natural added value Baowei vertical support system greatly reduces building footprint and improves land utilization, so that land can be used to develop agriculture and animal husbandry.
High income In the system component installation, various customer needs can be met. Both the bifacial components and the installation system have a long life cycle. Through the bifacial component's nearly unobstructed installation system, the technical additional output can reach 20%.
The combination of east-west vertical double-sided agriculture photovoltaic array with traditional south-facing photovoltaic array can provide stable power output.
North-south vertical bifacial array agricultural photovoltaic system can support grid-connected power generation
1. Traditional flat-plate photovoltaic system facing south 2. Vertical east-west Baowei bracket system
Additional power output from indirect radiation
Compared with traditional fixed brackets, vertically arranged bifacial photovoltaic power stations can increase power generation gain by 15%.