Deeply cultivate and develop, keep moving forward, POWERWAY 2024 Greece Energy Exhibition is brilliant

2024-04-01 10:30 POWERWAY

From March 29 to 31, 2024, the 6th Greek Environmental Technology and Energy Exhibition was grandly opened at the Mediterranean Convention and Exhibition Center in Greece. Baowei brought multiple sets of photovoltaic bracket solutions to booth C7, contributing to Greece's energy transformation and sustainable development.

As one of the most important professional exhibitions in the field of renewable energy in Greece, Baowei attaches great importance to it and has launched a number of photovoltaic bracket solutions in response to the needs of the European market, covering full-scenario applications such as industrial and commercial, civil roofs, agricultural tracking, and medium and large ground fixed bracket power stations.

Baowei products attracted the attention of many visiting customers. During the exhibition, the staff introduced the product applications, technologies and services in detail, which won unanimous praise from customers. This exhibition laid a solid foundation for future cooperation between the two parties.

Among them, PowerFit-Agri is a tracker product designed specifically for agricultural photovoltaic projects. According to the European local agricultural photovoltaic bracket standard requirements, it greatly reduces the loss of agricultural land while ensuring the power generation of the tracking system and providing clean energy support for agricultural production. Its product features are as follows:

In response to the needs of the European market, Baowei has also launched a multi-column ground photovoltaic fixed support solution, which uses magnesium-aluminum-zinc plating technology, has a stable structure and strong adaptability, and is very popular among customers. Its product features are as follows:

In terms of roof brackets, Baowei has designed a variety of clamps and hooks that are flexibly adapted to various roof types and have been well received by customers visiting the exhibition. Its product features are as follows:

So far, Powerway's shipments throughout Europe have reached 1.45GW. In October 2023, Powerway's Czech subsidiary was officially established to provide customers with photovoltaic system solutions and services that are more adapted to local needs. With safe and reliable products and multi-dimensional services, Powerway's market share in Europe has been rising year by year, contributing to sustainable development.

In the future, Baowei will continue to be committed to developing more energy-saving, more stable product solutions suitable for various scenarios, providing customers with the highest quality products and services, and jointly building a beautiful zero-carbon world.