2024 Shanghai SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition | POWERWAY presents a new look, technology leads the future

2024-06-19 09:21 POWERWAY

A brand new debut, with outstanding performance

Baowei's "Building a Zero-Carbon Bright Future" theme pavilion presented a new brand image. It attracted strong onlookers as soon as it opened and became the focus of the whole venue. Industry professionals, owner representatives, EPC, merchants, media, etc. flocked to it, creating extremely high popularity and becoming a highly watched bracket solution service provider and supplier brand at the SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition.

Obtained TÜV and UL certification, demonstrating technical strength

TÜV and UL certifications are internationally recognized quality and safety certifications that represent the highest standards of technology and management. By passing this certification, Baowei New Energy has fully demonstrated its leading position in product research and development, production technology and quality control.

For more than a decade, Baowei New Energy has focused on the innovation and development of photovoltaic smart trackers, ground-mounted brackets and distributed system solutions. The TÜV and UL certifications are not only a high recognition of Baowei's technical strength, but also a full affirmation of its continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence.

Excellent products, shining SNEC

At this exhibition, Baowei exhibited agricultural tracking bracket systems, fixed bracket systems, household distributed bracket systems, industrial and commercial distributed bracket systems and other multi-scenario solutions.

Agricultural Tracking Bracket System

PowerFit-Agri is a tracker product designed specifically for agricultural photovoltaic projects and made its debut in China.

Fixed bracket system

Baowei's multi-column ground photovoltaic fixed support solution adopts magnesium-aluminum-zinc plating technology, with stable structure, high flexibility, strong terrain adaptability, and is suitable for irregular mountains, hills, soft land, deserts, ponds and other terrains.

Distributed support system

In terms of roof supports, Baowei has designed a variety of clamps and hooks that can flexibly adapt to various roof types and have been well received by customers visiting the exhibition.

Photovoltaic carport system

At the exhibition, Baowei showcased its innovative integrated photovoltaic carport solution, which is made of aluminum alloy and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, light weight, convenient installation, strong practicality and high stability. Its innovative waterproof and strong wind and snow resistance structural design won wide attention from peers on site.

Continuous innovation to create a green future

As the Guangdong Provincial Photovoltaic Support System Engineering Technology Research Center and an industry-leading enterprise, Baowei New Energy has always been committed to providing high-quality products and first-class value-added services to global customers. At present, the company provides more than 20GWp of products and power station services in more than 86 countries and regions around the world, and has established subsidiaries in Japan, the Philippines, and Europe, further consolidating its leading position in the global market.

Under the guidance of the "dual carbon" strategic goal, Baowei New Energy will continue to drive development with innovation, continuously optimize products and services, help customers achieve clean energy transformation, and contribute more to the sustainable development of human society. In the future, Baowei will promote the progress and transformation of the photovoltaic industry with more determined steps.