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Powerway launched new solutions at SNEC2023


PowerFit-blade: It’s the latest generation of intelligent solar trackers. Compare with the previous generation, it promoted 15% wind-resistant performance to protect “big” size modules for running. PowerFit-blade is adapted to array in up to 20% of the slop. With the improvement of the parts and structure of PowerFit-blade, It’s effectively saving the cost of labor.

solar tracking system


With the fewer gentle slopes of land for solar trackers, It’s hard to array trackers in undulating land. So, we redesign the bearing of the tracker to adapt to the undulating land to save the cost of leveling the ground. PowerFit is already used on a large scale in Europe and South America and become a marketable product of Powerway’s tracker. 

solar tracker


Powerway brought the new PV carport system to SNEC2023. We discard the traditional design and integrate the design of BIPV for the carport, which adopts the guiding gutter and sealing strip between two PV modules. It’s suitable for heavy rainfall areas. It adopted the design of three parking spaces for a unit of span to save the pile post. In addition, the system adapts to install different kinds of charging piles for electric vehicles.

solar carport system

Solar Carport System

We also brought the roof mounting system for commercial and resident.


Sheet Metal Rooftop Mounting System: The system adopt the flexible and simple roof clamps to effective and densely array modules for increasing the installed capacity. The innovative clamping method ensures the waterproof performance of the existing sheet metal rooftop with excellent insulation performance.

commercial rooftop racking system

Commercial Rooftop Mounting System


Pitched Rooftop Mounting System:It’s adopt adjustable hook to adjust the angle of sub rail  installation. Thus, It will reduce the difficulty of system installation with lower labor cost. The system ensures the waterproof performance of the exist.

resident rooftop racking system

Resident Rooftop Mounting System

Powerway Balcony Mounting System: It is very convenient to install on the balcony railings, which enables the construction of a PV power station on the balcony. The unique telescopic tube is able to adjust the angle of the PV module for optimal generation. Optimized structure design and material selection ensure the strength and stability of the system. 


Balcony Mounting System