Solar Tracking System


PowerFit-DUO is composed of a single motor and two single-axis tracker which arranged modules in single portrait. Compared with independent-row trackers, PowerFit-DUO has 50% less motors and controllers, further reducing costs and failure rates. With its stronger wind resistance, PowerFit-DUO realized the installation arrangement in high wind speed areas.


  • · Adapt to ultra-high power and bifacial modules

  • · Fewer motors and controllers (compared with PowerFit)

  • · Lighter parts,Lower installation labor,Easy installation

  • · Stable operation and high reliability

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Efficient Automatic O&M

  • · Precisely in chasing the sun increased the power generation

  • · Backtracking astronomical arithmetic

  • · Strong wind protection and wind tremor resistant

  • · Automatic snowy and hail protection mode