Solar Mounting System

UniPower Mounting System

Powerway Unipower steel-aluminum series products. The mail rail and sub rail are aluminum alloy, which provides a strong and stable load-bearing structure for the solar power station keeping low installation cost and ease of installation. The column is height-adjustable for various complex terrains.


  • · Pile-column integrated design to facilitate construction.

  • · Height and angle can be adjusted in a certain range.

  • · Highly adaptable to ground installation.

  • · Highly pre-assembled, Ensuring easy installation and lower labor costs.

  • · Aluminum secondary keel design easy to install for quick onsite construction.

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Innovative and Efficient

This series of products uses a pile galvanizing section steel foundation with special structural design in order to facilitate site maintenance and the future use of the site.The aluminum rail is designed to be ultra-long, so as to reduce the construction difficulty, achieve a large span and decrease the quantity of piles.