Solar Mounting System


Powerway ground power station solution is a highly pre-assembled ground power station system suitable for the construction need of large fixed power stations. The patented architecture and clamp greatly improve installation efficiency and reduce labor costs. The unique layout effectively reduces the embedded area and the material and construction costs. Various materials such as all-steel, steel-aluminum and all-aluminum are used to comprehensively improve the ability against hostile geographical environments and guarantee the system life and power plant operating time. With its highly pre-assembled modules, the Powerway ground power station system is one of the best systems used for ground power stations.


In addition to the structural design, in the design process of the photovoltaic foundation, the basic design needs to be based on the soil characteristics. Different soils have different mechanical properties, so they are applicable for different foundations.

    As easily as walking on firm earth

  • It has been specifically designed to adapt to steep slopes (N-S) and can be installed with direct pile driving.
  • Great adaptability to irregular terrain and high tolerances for foundation positioning deviations.

Details, highlighting

Thinking, design, patent

Highlights of the clamp design:

Specially-designed spring nut connection for easy installation of modules

Highlights of the connector design:

The main rail and the sub-rail are directly fixed by the block, and the upper part of the main rail is a special chute, and the position of the block on the chute can be arbitrarily adjusted.

Consistent quality

Aviation grade aluminum