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The first PV power station in Central Africa, in which Powerway participated, has been connected to the grid


Recently, with the completion of the PV power station, it means the problem of power shortage in the Binbo City, the capital city of the Central African has obviously relieved. The power station is in Binbo City, 9km form the Binbo. The total installed capacity of power station is 15MW. Each year, it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 18,000 tons and meet the electricity needs of about 26,000 local households. 

the Central African-solar mounting structure

This project is adopted Powerway’s solar mounting system. Because of the tropical rain forest climate, the foundation is adopted the concrete spouting. With the lightning and flood protection design, the power station is able to resist the bad weather. In addition, Powerway's technical team optimized the design, shortening the construction period to save the cost of labor.