Roof Mounting System

BIPV  (Building Integrated Photovoltaic)

In the BIPV scheme, the roof adopts solar modules. The longitudinal channels are used as the main support beam to collect rainwater and channel it into the trench to drain it off. The horizontal channels are installed between two adjacent modules for collecting rainwater and channeling it into the longitudinal channels to drain it off. Solar modules are arranged horizontally on the adjacent longitudinal main beams fixed with bolts and pressing blocks. The longitudinal cover plates are installed above the main beam to reduce the inflow of rainwater and dust to avoid blockage inside it. 



  • · Non-porous design

  • · No risk of water leakage

  • · Stable and firm

  • · Long service life

  • · Flexible application

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Innovative and Efficient

Compared with the original color steel tile roof, the BIPV scheme is a better way to reduce the investment costs and solve the problem of water leakage. BIPV can work efficiently for 25 years without worrying about water leakage!