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Powerway brought new products at the Intersolar Europe 2023


Munich, Germany, June 14, 2023, Powerway, the leading supplier of solar tracker, PV mounting system attended Intersolar Europe 2023. We launched the new products at this show. We had a great time meeting more professionals passionate about renewable energy like us.  

intersolar 2023

One of the leading trade fairs in the industry where we presented the latest features of our solar tracker PowerFit to the European market. we show our passion for friends to introduce our products and professional service.

solar tracker

PV Carport System

We discard the conventional design and integrate the BIPV design for the carport, which adopts a guiding gutter and sealing strip between the two PV modules. It's great for areas that get a lot of rain. It uses a three-space design for a single span unit to save the pilings. In addition, the system is adapted to install different types of charging piles for electric vehicles. 

solar fixed structure


Sheet Metal Rooftop Mounting System: The system adopt the flexible and simple roof clamps to effective and densely array modules for increasing the installed capacity. The innovative clamping method ensures the waterproof performance of the existing sheet metal rooftop with excellent insulation performance.

rooftop mounting system


Pitched Rooftop Mounting System:It’s adopt adjustable hook to adjust the angle of sub rail  installation. Thus, It will reduce the difficulty of system installation with lower labor cost. The system ensures the waterproof performance of the exist.

balcony mounting system

Powerway Balcony Mounting System: It is very convenient to install on the balcony railings, which enables the construction of a PV power station on the balcony. The unique telescopic tube is able to adjust the angle of the PV module for optimal generation. Optimized structure design and material selection ensure the strength and stability of the system. 

intersolar 2023

Powerway, driven by its innovative products, high-quality service, and unwavering commitment to customer needs,remains at the forefront of the solar tracker and PV mounting system. The company is committed to driving the growth and adoption of solar energy all over the world, providing cutting-edge solutions that make solar more accessible, reliable, and convenient for all and driving a sustainable future.